Electronic DIY kit: Power supply for tube SRPP amplifiers with EMI filter

Provides power to the vacuum tube circuits with unstabilized anode and heater voltages.

Mains voltage: 220V/240V 50Hz   Attention! Danger to life!
Anode: 300V, 150mA, D.C.            Attention! Danger to life!
Anode II: 150V, 50mA, D.C.           Attention! Danger to life!
Heater: 6,3V, 5A, AC
The board size: 123 x 80 mm
Integrated noise filter (EMI)
It is possible to provide positive voltage by the heater chain in order to deal with the 50Hz noise
The set is supplied as a PCB
You can order the manufacture of a power transformer

DIY kit power supply for tube SRPP amplifiers with EMI filter PCB of DIY kit power supply for tube SRPP amplifiers with EMI filter

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Circuit, instructions for assembling and setting up a power supply for SRPP tube amplifiers:

Install and solder all the parts on the board according to the circuit diagram and the board layout. Pay special attention to the correctness of transformer windings connections with the board. Be attentive when installing the ceramic capacitors in high-voltage and heater circuits. They have different breakdown voltages.

Chain R5, R6, and jumper R0 are optional and serve to supply positive voltage to the filament circuit to combat the noise of 50Hz. It is up to you to decide whether or not to install it, depending on noise 50Hz level of the device. Also, you can organize an artificial midpoint by installing resistors R1 and R2.

Circuit of DIY kit power supply for tube SRPP amplifiers with EMI filter A properly assembled power supply does not need to be configured. If required, you can use the R3 resistor to set the wanted anode voltage on load.

Instead of a toroidal power transformer, almost any other power transformer can be used in the unit, without exceeding the voltage limits for the filter electrolytic capacitors.

Attention! When working with the power supply control the tube heating in the powered device.
When exceeding 6,8V use a quenching resistor or reconnect the primary winding of the transformer to a 240V voltage!
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